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Our Decorative Cellular Panels, Honeycomb Cellular fabric which is made with 100% Woven Polyester fabric. The Six sided shape is to imitate the strength and uniformity of a beehive. Because it is made by woven fabric, it is much stronger and durable than other Window Blind Brands. Natural engineering at its best. Cellular Honeycomb is energy efficient and eco-friendly. By keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This helps our customers save lots of money on their energy consumption and electricity bills. This design filters light, reduces air conditioner and heater electricity.

Product Detail

・Size: 120cm*250cm
・12 Colors: A1-White, B1-Beige, C2-Pale Mauve, D2-Almond, D4-Chocolate, E2-Nugget Gold, F2-Oasis, G2-Strong Red, H2-Cordovan, I2-Colonia Blue, J2-Charcoal Gray, K2-Black
・Material: 100% woven polyester fabric・


We specialize in Cellular Honeycomb Blinds for 10 years. The design is made to make the space elegant, stylish, and modern looking. The texture of our fabric is made with woven fabric. It is much stronger and durable than other Brands. One main purpose of this design is not only to help prevent strangulation from kids but also provide great quality to our customers. This particular design helps enhance the beauty of your home, windows, office spaces, hospitals, hotels, etc. Decorative Honeycomb Panels's speciality is to help separate space and provide privacy for office glass.

We have a variety of colors to choose from to match your needs. Honeycomb Cellular fabric is available up to 12 colors. This high performance fabric works even greater by combining stain repellent, antibacterial, flame, and waterproof repellent coating. These coatings can be added on request with minimum order and charges will apply.


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Decorative Panels / Tri-colors

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