Roman Blinds

Light Filtering Roman Blinds

・100% High Quality Polyester Fabric

・Woven Fabric makes it stronger and durable than other Window Brands

・Cordless system/TDBU/Beady Chain w/safety device / motorized system / Cordlock to the safety of children and pets.

・Light Filtering Effect : Filters light and gives the room elegant stylish look

・Energy Efficient: Roman Design keeps room temperature consistent insulation

・Modern and Stylish

・Designed to: Help against penetrating heat and winter air, fire repellent, provides shade, eco-friendly, filter light, create privacy/personal space, and add elegance to your space.

・Usage: Indoor, Outdoor, Office, Windows, Shared aparments, Etc.

・Privacy Protection

・Easy Installation

・Easy Clean and Care Maintenance

・Child/Pet Safety

Product Detail

・Material: 100% High Quality durable Polyester Woven Fabric
・Cord Type: Cordless/TDBU/Beady Chain/Motorized/Cordlock
・Cell Size: 120mm
・5 Colors: A1-White, E2-Nugget Gold, B1-Beige, D1-Brown, J2-Charcoal Gray
・Size: 240cm x 800cm


Our Roman Blinds are unique, strong woven fabric, energy efficient, durable, stylish, modern, elegant, light filtering, and easy to use. It's efficiency is versatile, efficient in function, performance, style, design, energy saving, trendy color, and installment.


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