Blackout Cellular Blinds | 45mm Cell

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We use the Aluminum foil to make the inner layer of our blackout cellular fabric, blocking 70-80% of all incoming light, providing optimal privacy. This effect is suitable for demanding room-darkening requirements, great for bedrooms, hotel rooms, commercial spaces and media rooms.

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Selective Material

Our honeycomb blinds are made of 100% woven fabric, and undergo our proprietary production process, producing anti-reformatting, anti-pilling honeycomb material. Our honeycomb blind system won’t jam from repeated use. Our blinds are stronger and more durable than the non-woven alternatives commonly used by other manufacturers.
The adhesive used between cells is extremely stable, will not break or degrade due to heat or dry conditions and has been tested to hold upto 20KG.

Heavenly Hues

Our one-piece dyeing process produces bright, highly saturated colors and superior color-fastness. Our high-performance fabrics (Color-Fastness Grade 4) allow rich colors to remain vibrant even as they filter direct sunlight. With dozens of colors in different opacities, you can easily control the light in any indoor environment.

Energy Saving & Cost Efficient

The hollow hexagonal channels in our honeycomb material create an air-filled barrier to reduce noise and maintain indoor temperature – keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Our eco-friendly products are noise reducing, ±56.5% efficient in heat retention and up-to 70% efficient in maintaining cool indoor conditions. In an optimum setting they can offer savings of up-to 21.2% in energy costs associated with AC and indoor heating. Honeycomb blinds provide cost-saving, energy efficiency that will help the planet and your pocketbook.

Trusted Quality & Lasting Durability

All of our products undergo rigorous quality control and safety testing. We go the extra mile to ensure that all Bonito Deco products meet and exceed the highest quality standards.

Child & Pet Safety

Bonito Deco is committed to child and pet safety. As a brand this represents one of our core priorities. Our blind systems incorporate various safety and accident-prevention features such as cordless controls, Top Down Bottom Up, cord-locking, beaded chains and fully motorized blinds. Besides, driving rope that moves up and down the blinds is hidden in the honeycomb cells.

Blackout fabric

Blackout (also called room-darkening) fabrics will block almost all light from entering a room and provide optimal privacy. If you find yourself waking up early due to the sunlight spilling in, if your schedule that requires you to sleep during the day then blockout fabric will be your best choice, letting you create room darkening on demand which helps improve your sleep quality. Likewise our blackout blinds will provide optimum light control in commercial settings for use of projectors.and other displays which perform poorly in sunlight.


  • Material: 100% high quality durable polyester woven fabric
  • Cell Size: 45mm

Size Iimit

  • Cord-Lock system: Min. W 60cm*H 60cm / Max. W 240cm*H 320cm
  • Cordless system: Min. W 60cm*H 60cm / Max. W 180cm*H 180cm  
  • Beaded Chain system: Min. W 60cm*H 60cm / Max. W 240cm*H 320cm
  • TDBU Loop Cord system: Min. W 70cm*H100cm / Max. W 240cm*H 320cm
  • Standard Motorized system: Min. W 60cm*H60cm / Max. W 240cm*H 400cm
  • TDBU Motorized system: Min. W100cm* H Xcm / Max. W 240cm*H 370cm

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