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Hello! I’m Stacy, the founder of Bonito Deco. We are looking for local dealers to represent our Solar Cellular Shades in Japan! As we all know, electric cellular shades in Japan are too expensive, and environmental protection needs our attention. To meet these demands, we have developed the Solar Cellular Shades. Our Solar Cellular Shades offer many benefits, including Energy-efficiency, heat and cold insulation, outstanding color-fastness, remote control, and no wiring required. Our newly developed Solar Cellular Shades are much more affordable and require no complicated installation, making it easy for people to access sustainable living. The solar panel that generates power can be placed on the top of the window, making installation without any hassle. Suitable for homes, offices, commercial spaces, libraries, nursing homes, or any spaces with the windows that are hard to reach. Such as a window in a higher place.

We are Bonito Deco, committed to becoming a sustainable and eco-friendly Cellular Shade leading brand and manufacturer. With 13 years of experience, we have grown with our customers, constantly improving on existing products, and innovating and developing new product applications. Not only do we offer the best-selling finished products, but we also provide raw materials and customizable services. We export our products worldwide, and our products have been shipped to clients in Europe, America, and Asia, establishing a strong presence in the international market. 

We are thrilled to announce that we are going to exhibit our products in International Home Care & Rehabilitation, Tokyo Big Sight, Japan, at East Hall 5, Booth 5-11-03. from September 27th to 29th. If you are interested in our newly developed Solar Cellular Shades and the partnership, you are most welcome to visit us, or DM us to book a one-on-one meeting in advance to discuss further details.

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