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We believe you are the same as us, having all kinds of imaginations about life. We hope your everyday life is the way you always want according to your mood and life status. We focus to ensure all Bonito Deco products meet and exceed expectations. Customer experience has always been one of the core tenets of Bonito Deco. We always keep this original intention in production and service. We examine every contact point, imagine our first meeting or your user experience. May Bonito Deco cellular shades accompany you to taste life and explore beauty.


Bonito Deco is one of the few brands who made WOVEN honeycomb shades in Taiwan. We are a manufacturer and an e-commerce business. We have our own production factory and we provide online services. You can purchase your own custom honeycomb shades on our website. We also love to share lifestyle and knowledge through social media!



Pre-sale service


Product inspection 

  • Fabric inspection


The biggest difference between Bonito Deco’s honeycomb shades and regular honeycomb shades is the material used. Our fabric is the same material as the suit lining. To make such a material into honeycomb shades, it needs to go through layers of levels. From the beginning weaving, dyeing and gluing etc. They are complicated and test techniques but can achieve the extraordinary colour and texture that normal non-woven honeycomb shades couldn’t do. We hope the honeycomb shades that exist at home for 24 hours retains the most beautiful colour and is durable whether it is exposed to the sun or not.

After the honeycomb shade fabric is made, it is necessary to strictly inspect the quality of the finished product. At this time, a group of two inspectors will be required to carefully check the two sides of the fabric for stains or wrinkles. If any defects are found, the inspector will tear off one side from the bonded end of the honeycomb shades as a mark. After the entire inspection completes, the layers of defective fabric will be torn off entirely. In the end, the fabric that passes the inspection will be sent to the dispensing area for rebonding. The complicated inspection and standard procedures to make sure the quality is beyond the expectations. which is what Bonito Deco attaches to the most.


  • Package



In addition to the product itself, the packaging is particularly important to be called a good product. Good packaging protects products in good condition and makes customers feel valued. We have put a lot of effort and undergone countless adjustments into packaging to summarise the three most important steps of packaging process:


Step 1: Use hard and thick corner paper to enhance the strength and stability to fix two ends of the cellular shade fabrics. Whether it is placed vertically or horizontally during transportation, it will not be damaged or dented.

Step 2: The packaging carton must be specially made to be exactly the size of the product. Make sure the fabrics are close to each other and there is no gap inside. Ensure the fabric will not be damaged due to shaking or squeezing during transportation. .

Step 3: Add a plastic cover to waterproof the package to prevent damage of the product due to weather or environmental conditions.

At every stage of making products, we always think about how to start from ourselves to bring convenience to the public. Pay attention to the completeness and details of packaging, and hope to relieve the pressure of logistics and other relevant personnels and safely deliver the product to the customers.



Consultation service

  • E-catalog

If you like the full-page product introduction at a glance, we have a beautiful E- catalog for download. You can check it repeatedly to confirm the product, colour and specification you like. Click here to download.


  • Consultation service


Bonito Deco provides a variety of online consulting services. Whether you’d like to become our distribution partner, an interior designer looking for a honeycomb blind manufacturer or choose honeycomb shades for your home space matching, you can directly call our customer service: +886-3868256 or leave a message in the contact form on the website and tell us your inquiry. If you want to know more about honeycomb shades related knowledge, application and lifestyle, you can also follow us on facebook or youtube🙂






Buy Bonito Deco Cellular shades / Cellular Fabrics / Room dividers Online?


  1. Official website 

Change the atmosphere of your home and maintain a good frequency in your life. We heard you. The epidemic has changed our purchasing habits. We know a long purchasing process is not practical and often interrupts your thoughts. We’d simplified communication, you can purchase custom-size cellular shades / curtains on Bonito Deco official website now. Refresh your space by Bonito Deco.




If you are a local trader in your country who is interested in mass order and would like to import Bonito Deco cellular / honeycomb products to your local market, you can not only contact through the official website, but also, the most famous international B2B website. Freely choose to go through Alibaba’s credit protection service to make transactions with us, it is safe and labor-saving.


After-sales service


Thanks to the customers and friends who believe in Bonito Deco. Upholding the persistence of customer satisfaction, in addition to the pre-sale check and inspection, all Bonito Deco cellular shades products provide a one-year warranty from the day of purchase. As long as any non-human factor failure within a year, please contact our customer service for a free maintenance or replacement. After the warranty period, we will continue to provide maintenance services!



(Bonito Deco product warranty card)


We imagine your aspirations and standards for life, and then revise and improve the services we provide through actual contacts and feedback. Bonito Deco will also share various green energy, life styles and small knowledge on the official website and social media from time to time. If you are also concerned about these topics, Feel free to leave comments and share your thoughts, share your ideal life with us 🙂



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