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Energy Saving and Carbon ReductionMeaning and Importance of Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction

Refers to protecting the earth’s resources and reducing the damage to the earth by saving energy and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon dioxide is the main cause of global warming and climate change. its ability to capture the earth’s thermal radiation creates a greenhouse effect.


The report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) pointed out that once the earth’s temperature rise exceeds 1.5°C (1.1°C after industrialisation), it will bring serious consequences. It will change the ecological environment, causing species to become extinct, crops unable to grow, droughts and floods frequent around the world and people in low-lying areas are forced to migrate due to the threat of sea level rise. Seriously affects our daily life.



renewable energy

Transforming to renewable energy

Renewable energy, also known as green energy. Refers to natural resources that can be regenerated in a short time compared to fuels that take hundreds of millions of years to generate and will not produce pollutants during the process of conversion into energy. Such as : Solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, hydro energy, tidal energy, etc. They are currently under development in the world. Furthermore, the electricity generated by renewable energy is called “green electricity”.


If the world wants to avoid dangerous global warming, achieving the goal of global temperature control in 1.5°C by 2050. People need to abandon fossil fuels and replace it with electricity. Make electricity the world’s main energy consumption. and make renewable energy power supply proportion increase to 86%.


The impact of green electricity on the environment is relatively low, people can buy green electricity from electricity sellers with renewable energy licenses. In addition, support renewable energy by investing, investing in shares or renting out solar panels on roofs, etc. If the demand for green electricity increases, it can promote renewable energy market development, make the price lower and the market more complete. Help the world achieve the goal of energy transition and reduce carbon emissions.


Daily energy saving and carbon reduction

Global warming has made climate change more and more significant. Summer arrives earlier and the high temperature season prolongs. In addition to energy transformation, daily energy saving can also reduce carbon and save the earth. Easy to start today! The following simple steps, you can isolate the heat source, reduce the basic indoor temperature and naturally achieve the effect of power saving!


  • Building cooling

Due to the sun exposure, the temperature of the building will increase. Setting up a small garden on the roof, sprinkler equipment and planting trees or climbing plants on the outer wall of the house can effectively shade and insulate the house from the heat. Entering sunlight through the window can also make the furniture and floor absorb heat all day long. You can stick thermal insulation paper on the window or use thermal insulation glass. Alternatively, installing curtains. Closing the curtains when you are going out, you can block the solar radiation heat from entering the room, reduce the air-conditioning load and electricity consumption.


  • ACSaves electricity by using air conditioner this way

For every extra kilowatt-hour of electricity, there will be an extra carbon emissions. Because each kilowatt-hour of electricity (1000 watts/hour) will produce 0.554 kg of carbon emissions. If each person can save a few hours of air-conditioning every day, we can contribute to the environment and make the earth greener. How to save electricity and money when you have your air-conditioning on, remember the following tips!


    • Only turn on AC, When the room temperature exceeds 30 degrees.
    • Clean the AC filter every 1-2 weeks to improve the cooling efficiency.
    • Temperature sets between 26-28 degrees. Raising 1 degree can save 6% of electricity.
    • For rooms that go in and out frequently, the indoor temperature should not be lower than the outdoor by more than 5 ℃. 
    • Install blinds or curtains at the east-west windows to reduce solar radiant heat and air-conditioning load and electricity consumption. Cellular shade saves 4°C
    • Use a fan when AC is on to accelerate the air circulation in the space.
    • Set a sleep mode before bed or schedule 4 hours to shut down.
    • When AC starts, it consumes power the most. Do not switch on and off frequently.
    • Select the corresponding tonnage of AC according to the size of the space and the degree of sun exposure.
    • The higher CSPF value means more power saving.
  • Start from “Eating”, be kind to animals and the environment

animal husbandryDid you know that eating a steak releases 330 grams of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to driving 4.8 kilometers?

The greenhouse gas emissions of animal husbandry are beyond our imagination. Raising cattle, sheep and other livestock consumes a lot of land and resources, the carbon emissions are higher than all transportation in the world combined, accounting for 18% the world’s total carbon emissions!

If we want to achieve the goal of controlling climate change, it is necessary to reduce meat consumption said by Stevenson, the agricultural expert. In order to develop industrialised meat, human beings are destroying forests without restraint, cutting down trees to expand pastures. It is not only destroying the original environment but the carbon dioxide released makes global warming worse. Carefully choose the meals in your life, occasionally replace meat with plant-based ingredients. Pay a little more attention to the environment each day, you can take care of your own health and planet at the same time.

If environmental issues are too far off for you, consider changing a little eating habits to maintain your health. According to ”The Lancet”, a study published in the medical journal, by 2050, the amount of meat per person per week should be under 300 grams. Equivalent of three chicken breasts or a large steak. Flexible vegetarian weekly can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and some cancers. Preventing about 11 million deaths each year.


  • Reuse reduces desire

Every piece of clothing we wear and every item we use accumulates a carbon footprint in the process of production and delivery. Human living activities will consume the earth’s resources and energy. Because of this, we should be more grateful for the things in our hands and use each product correctly. It is not easy to change the original habits but as long as we master the principle of “reuse and prolong the use time”. Making the greatest utility for the resources in our hands. Everyone can easily create a plastic-reduced life.


  • Moreover

    • Choosing energy-efficiency grade 1 and 2 home appliances, as well as electrical products that comply with the energy-saving label can save electricity.
    • To reduce standby power loss, cut off the power supply when the electrical equipment is not in use for a long time.
    • Selecting milky white or light-colored for the ceiling and wall. Reflectivity as much as possible to increase the diffusion effect of light to reduce the number of lamps required.
    • Eating more local food. Import food ships from other places that increase the carbon footprint.
    • Eating in-season food is more environmentally friendly, as other season food will result in a longer energy expenditure for storage.
    • Soaking for 20 minutes before doing laundry can help release dirt and reduce electricity usage.
    • Walk, bike or take public transportation instead of driving to reduce carbon emissions.
    • Choosing an environmentally friendly vehicle, such as a hybrid or electric vehicle. Reduce carbon emissions while driving.

No matter what kind of renewable energy is used to generate electricity, energy saving and carbon reduction have become the common goal of everyone. We can take a multi-pronged approach through the habit of saving electricity, reducing plastic, and bringing our own tableware to take a step towards a green home and jointly create a safe environment for the next generation. Everyone does a little bit for the earth, it will add up to a lot, and make  the earth rejuvenate again!


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