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“Those days when we traveled together.” In the era of the epidemic, it is no longer easy to say let’s go traveling somewhere. Do you miss those days when you wake up naturally in another city? enjoying the feeling that you are the center of the world, and the perfect moment of relaxation during the journey.


“Going home” is our main daily schedule. “If you can’t go abroad to stay in a hotel and enjoy the whole atmosphere that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. Then turn your home into a hotel! ” The following 5 interior design elements from luxury hotel ideas will make you go home just like stepping into the hotel-like illusion. 


Hotel style

The hotel style attaches great importance to the characteristics of art and life. The design is not based on a single function. Emphasizes the overall sense of openness, orientation of the soft lighting, and the creation of light and atmosphere. Highlighting the hardware design. Like the meticulous and delicate decoration or furnishings. At the same time meet the taste requirements of different people.Make everyone feel at home, destress and enjoy your five senses.

The focus of interior decoration is fashion, avant-garde, sophistication and creativity, strengthening the sense of city and paying attention to the leisure atmosphere.

interior design elements


1. Yuppie tone – the high-end taste

To create a calm and relaxed feeling like hotels, fashionable yuppie color is the mainstream. Using white as the main body color with warm gray, fog black or warm earthy color. To add a simple style. Metallic luster soft decoration to enhance the space layers. The modern and neat lines of the material make the space pure and relieved. Releasing the restrained yet enthusiastic interior appearance.



interior design elements

2. Large floor-to-ceiling windows – create an open space for stress relief

Large floor-to-ceiling windows are an indispensable interior design elements of hotels. Allowing you to step into the room to relieve stress and enjoy a feast of visual openness. A whole floor-to-ceiling window is used as the focus of the overall space, no need for too much ornate furniture. Simple use of neat and modern curtains to coordinate the overall color system of the space. And when the natural light is sufficient during the day, it can make the interior appear transparent and fresh.


  • Soft sheer curtains with intellectual cellular shades – a smart double curtain Application

From monotonous to first-class! If you want to upgrade your hotel style at home, use sheer curtains as an outer layer of your window treatment. Sunlight passes through sheer curtains into a blurry and crystal light which increases the overall visual cleanliness and transparency. At the same time enjoy the natural brightness.

Since 76% of the outdoor air can be conducted into the room through the window, a yuppie-style and functional cellular shade can be installed on the inner layer of the window treatment, which can reduce the cold and heat transfer to 30%, so that the indoor temperature can be maintained at a comfortable level. In addition, cellular shades provide good light, privacy and noise control. Its good living functions are a plus for the popular floor-to-ceiling windows.


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3. Bedside design- a sense of calmness and a luxurious atmosphere

interior design elements

Without bedside design doesn’t harm but it makes differences. High-end hotel interior design elements don’t necessarily have to have brilliant elements. Try to start from the background wall, headboard cover or bedside table of the bedroom.

Usually the bedside wall of the hotel room will have padded headboard cover for deco. The soft gray or plain color padded headboard cover has a sense of calmness and a luxurious atmosphere, make the whole place more relaxing.

And a modern hotel style, the bedside table does not need to be a complicated cabinet. It is usually simple and neat. The sense of texture is the key point. Bedside table needs to have enough platforms to place small but everyday stuff, things like photo frames, water glass and glasses etc. It can be a simple piece of wood with a flat surface, keeping the surface neat, moderately leaving blank space and a sense of texture is immediately apparent. It is also suitable to Install lamps, sockets, and the main light switch by the bedside for people who are used to reading or using mobile phones before going to bed.



interior design elements

4. Warm and practical rug – the best space coordinator

If you can only add one interior design element to enhance the texture of the space. Then a rug is a good choice. An interesting rug can instantly add fun, warmth or personal style to a room. A good rug can be designed through a combination of colors to soften the hard edges of the furniture or decoration. It is a perfect space coordinator and has a safety and anti-skid function. Other benefits like it can prevent your feet from directly touching the cold floor in winter. A thicker rug makes you feel the whole body relax between the steps, as if the fatigue of the whole day has disappeared. Heal your heart!


  • Soft pale gold to balance metallic elements

That kind of pale gold plush rug with a little bit beige or has a reed-like gold with a bit of neutral gray in the gold. This pale gold and soft material can make a space with metal decorations look harmonious. Great for balancing the rigidity of furniture.

  • Stylish and comfortable Brushed rugs

Brushed rugs or short-haired rugs look great, have a sense of texture and good sound absorption. Suitable for bohemian, Mediterranean, Nordic and other decorative styles with natural elements. People like it, pets love it as well!


interior design elements

5. Clothes hanger racks – just like in a boutique shop

Don’t need to obsess with a wardrobe, try clothes hanger racks or combine both. The clear clothes hanger racks are presented at a glance. And your clothes are the most beautiful decoration in the space just like in a boutique shop. Clothes hanger racks eliminate rigid divisions in space, create a smooth traffic flow and spacious living area.  You can also design the height suitable for hanging dresses and trousers according to your needs for more practical use. And if positioning in the right place, you can have the function of separating the public and private area. make the overall space refreshing and functional.



Through those shrewd renovation ideas form the interior design elements of luxury hotels. Flexible use different design ideas to beautify your life and interior space. Makes you live in peace and contentment and the most attractive everyday destination. If you like sharing and making new friends, rent your free space out as a BnB room. Apart from gaining extra income, you can have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. Allowing people to explore, discover and book a unique accommodation locally, making the easy and comfortable feelings in every corner of your spaces. 

Link you and the world.



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