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The honeycomb shade introduction, features, considerations and price to understand at once!


Many people are curious and inadvertently blurt out “what is the honeycomb shade? ” when they hear a honeycomb shades for the first time. Let’s solve the confusion and find out what is the charm of  a honeycomb shade deeply loved by European and American countries:)


honeycomb shade

  • Introduction of the honeycomb shade

The honeycomb shade is composed of hexagonal structure fabrics. It looks like honeycomb shapes from the side. And when viewed from the front, it looks like a neatly folded accordion, so it is also called cellular shade.


However, why design curtains in such a three-dimensional honeycomb shape?


The hollow hexagonal structure on the side is the essence of the honeycomb shade. It creates a physical air insulation layer which can block the outdoor air from entering directly through the window glass. Slow down the conduction and overflow of heat to achieve excellent heat insulation/cooling effect. Maintain a natural and comfortable indoor temperature while reducing the non-stop operation of AC and heaters, saving energy and electricity.

The neat and fan-shaped look make honeycomb shades easily integrate into most of mainstream space styles such as minimalist, Nordic and Japanese styles. And the actual energy-saving is the main reason it gets so popular. Especially with global warming, people are becoming more and more conscious and aware of environmental protection nowadays. Satisfying both beauty and energy saving honeycomb shades have become the new favorite when it comes to interior decoration.


  • What is the material of the honeycomb shade?

Most of the honeycomb shades fabrics on the market are made of polyester. Regardless of light-filtering (light-shielding) or blackout (light-transmitting) materials. The fibers are entangled with ultra-high pressure water to make them bond, which is commonly known as non-woven fabrics. 

In order to pursue higher durability, color fastness, fabric stiffness, and overall visual and tactile feeling, Bonito Deco insists on using Woven Polyester as the raw material, the same material as most clothes. And the special production method and craftsmanship are adhered to achieve the extraordinary texture of the window decoration.

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The blackout honeycomb shade is usually attached with an aluminum insulation layer or shading paint. Doubles the shading effect and has a higher function of being warm in winter and cooling in summer!


honeycomb shade

  • The charm of honeycomb shades

Painless energy saving and carbon reduction

As mentioned above, the hollow hexagonal structure of the honeycomb shades can create a physical air barrier, maintain the indoor temperature warm in winter and cool in summer and reduce the operation of cooling/heating. Using honeycomb shades can increase ±56.5% efficient in heat retention and up-to 70% efficient in maintaining cool indoor conditions. In an optimum setting they can offer savings of up-to 21.2% in energy costs associated with AC and indoor heating. Choosing the honeycomb shade will greatly improve the quality of your living and provide cost-saving, energy efficiency that will help the planet and your pocketbook.


No sleep interruption at night

The hexagonal structure not only helps to keep the temperature constant and achieves the effect of energy saving but blocks sound transmission and reduces the noise interference of the outside world. If you live in a busy area, a honeycomb shade can definitely help you sleep well.


Enjoy the beautiful Japanese style of lighting

When the sunlight falls on the translucent honeycomb shade, emitting a warm and soft light. The scenery is breathtaking! If you have some imagination about such a morning, a light-filtering honeycomb shade will suit you the most. Because of the good heat insulation, facing the sun or western exposure will not become a large oven due to sunlight.


Level up your home look! Solve all view, privacy, lighting demands at once

Can’t enjoy the window views because you are afraid to be seen from outside and close your curtain all the time?  Want privacy without sacrificing daylight while being close to other buildings? Feel anxious about the crowds in the metropolitan area?

Honeycomb shades were originally designed for the temperate zone with a large temperature difference. And now it has become more and more popular in major metropolitan areas. One of the main reasons is the unique design that can open from up and down both ways, which allows you to enjoy the great window view, good lighting, adjusting the amount of light and protecting your privacy. Giving you a full sense of security.


Children make choices. I want both blackout and light-filtering

Light-filtering honeycomb shades look nice and blackouts are functional. If it is difficult for you to choose one, a Day and Night honeycomb shades can satisfy both! Switch between blackout and light filtering as you wish. When the window needs to be opened, it can be pulled up completely too.



honeycomb shade

  • Considerations

Room types

As the saying goes, “bright hall and dark room”, the space shared with family members, such as living room and study room, suitable for using curtains with high light transmittance. For bedrooms that require privacy, blackout curtains are often used. According to the shading levels, the fabrics can be divided into: sheer→ light-filtering → blackout.

If there is a desk or a bed in front of the window, honeycomb shades will be more compact and save space than the cloth curtain. Because it is easy to maintain and clean, it reduces the problem of dust falling.


Privacy and Lighting Needs

Privacy and lighting are two things always fighting, like enemies cannot coexist. If you just want to maintain privacy without sacrificing lighting, then a “up and down” freely controlled honeycomb shades is the best solution. Adjust the shaded part at any time, privacy, lighting, views, ventilation, and energy saving can be satisfied at one time.


Space Style 

The above in-depth analysis of the introduction, use timing and characteristics will surely give you some ideas if you are interested in honeycomb shades. Curtains are an extension of interior style. If you’d like a comfortable and decompressed environment, and want to create mainstream interior styles such as Japanese Muji, Nordic simplicity, and modern minimalist, honeycomb shades will  definately be a good choice that you will like.



  • Price

In terms of honeycomb shades, the main factors affect the price are fabrics and the difference in control systems. Take Bonito Deco honeycomb shades for example:

Fabric price: blackout > light filtering

Control system price: Electric type (day and night> TDBU> standard) > Manual type (day and night>TDBU) > Cordless type >Standard manual type (Loop cord > bead chain > Cord lock)

All products of Bonito Deco can be customized and the size is another direct factor that affects the price. For easing your worries, you can directly land on the product page for the precise customization amount. All you need to do is select the color and control system, and enter the measured length and width, the system will automatically calculate the price and shipping cost for you. We support the global online credit card service and shipping worldwide. Having honeycomb shades is simple and fun, click here to check Bonito Deco online store.

If you have any questions, please leave a message below or email to [email protected] and someone will contact you.

Next blog we will talk about The introduction of the control system, stay tuned!



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