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Our honeycomb blinds, also known as cellular blinds, are made of 100% woven fabric which is stronger and more durable than the non-woven alternatives commonly used by other manufacturers.

Our honeycomb blinds uses the best material and produce methods. Especially our one-piece dying process produces bright, highly saturated colors and superior color-fastness. The adhesive used between cells is extremely stable, will not break or degrade due to heat or dry conditions and can hold up to 20KG.


We have developed proprietary mass production capacity for the highest quality cellular blinds and shades and work with our clients to design and deliver the best solutions for their needs.


Bonito Deco is committed to child and pet safety. As a brand, this represents one of our core priorities.


honeycomb blinds

Our blind systems incorporate various safety and accident-prevention features. Such as cordless controls, Top Down Bottom Up, cord-locking, beaded chains and fully motorized blinds.


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