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Honeycomb shades are one of the most popular curtain styles nowadays. It is composed of cellular fabric and an operating system. As mentioned in a previous article, the most important factors affecting the price of honeycomb shade include size, fabric type and operating system. So today we are gonna talk about the operating systems of Bonito Deco honeycomb shades. To understand the different types and control methods and help you quickly grasp which operating system that best meets your window treatment needs.


According to different opening and closing methods, honeycomb shades can be divided into three types:

  • Standard
  • Top down bottom up (TDBU)
  • Day and night.

All of them can be electrically controlled in addition to manual control!


And the operating systems can be divided into two types: “Corded” and “Cordless”:

  • Cordless system: Electric (day and night, up and down, standard), Cordless push-up (standard)
  • Corded system: Loop cord (day and night, up and down opening and closing, standard), Bead chain (standard), Cord lock (standard).


Cordless System

Electric operating system 

Want to control how much daylight to get in, or enjoy how much window view from outside just by your fingertip? 

The electric operating system of honeycomb shades can completely improve the comfort of life, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable, highly functional and convenient life.


Who is suitable for installing electric honeycomb shades?

If you…..

  • Pursue smart life
  • Pay attention to texture
  • Have children, elders, pets at home
  • Has large floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Has office or meeting room with multiple windows


Advantages of electric honeycomb shades

1. Convenient life

In order to meet the needs of personal use, some spaces, such as bedrooms or study rooms are necessary to adjust the natural light scattering from outside the window frequently. 

Like in the early morning or in the hot afternoon, getting up to open or cover the curtain. Does that make you feel a little troublesome? While you are adjusting the cover of the curtain, do you sometimes have the thought that it’s too heavy to control or too high to reach? 

With electric honeycomb shades, you only need to press the remote control lightly. All the curtains will be under your command, making you a veritable smart living home owner!

2.Achieve home safety

Families with pets, small children and the elders are most concerned about home safety. Electric honeycomb shades do not have the hanging cords like the manual control shades, which can avoid the worrying occurrence of strangulation accidents. A friendly home environment starts from the choice of electric honeycomb shades.

3.Add a neat aesthetic

Without the redundant hanging ropes, the look of beautiful fan-shaped honeycomb shades is even neater and more harmonious. If you are the person who pays attention to details and likes to savor every corner of your home, electric honeycomb shades will give your idea of living a bit more comfort.


Specifications of Electric Honeycomb Shades

The Bonito Deco electric operating system is compatible with day and night, TDBU and standard type honeycomb shades.

electric window shade

Bonito Deco electric honeycomb shades can divide to 3 types, according to different shade types and motors. They can be controlled by remote control or with the phone app. You can add a MINI host that supports APPLE KIT as well. Smart and beautiful electric honeycomb shade is attractive but don’t forget that the price is relatively high, sudden system failures or power outages may occur. However, Bointo Deco has good pre-sales and after-sales services can assist all your needs. If it covers up your worries and the features are in line with your expectations. The installation of electric honeycomb shades will definitely level up your home experience! 



Cordless Push-Up Operating System 

If you want to eliminate the possible risks and regrets caused by the rope. Establish a safe and secure living space. And firmly guard your favorite family members and beloved pets, the cordless push-up operating system will be a great choice!

The cordless push-up operating system hides the control cord in the honeycomb shade. And the cord reel hidden in the headrail allows us to push up and down with our bare hands. To easily open or close the honeycomb shade in the desired position. Cordless appearance creates a clean and simple look. smoothly integrates into any interior style. Connect you and  the world. Cordless honeycomb shades are safe, neat and beautiful but they are not suitable to install in high windows or place out of reach. Don’t forget to open and close regularly. If not the spring in the rope reel will be fatigued which may cause the problem of inability to retract in the long run.


Specification of cordless push up honeycomb shade

Compatible with standard honeycomb shade.

cordless system

Parts of cordless push up operating system 


Corded system

Manual loop cord operating system 

If you think that the budget of cordless shades is too high and you like the touch of manual use, the loop cord operating system allows you to enjoy the pleasant use between opening and closing while enjoying the beautiful scenery outside the window. Where to stay, the length of the rope of the loop rope system is fixed, it will not lengthen or shorten with the rise and fall of the honeycomb shade.


  • Day and night honeycomb shades

Shading and light filtering change at will! Day and night honeycomb shades are also known as dual honeycomb shades. As the name implies, one shade can meet the needs of two completely opposite needs during the day and night. If you think the light filtering honeycomb shade has more texture and the blackout honeycomb shade is more functional, it’s difficult to choose. Then choose a day and night honeycomb shades that satisfies both.

In addition to the different fabrics combined, the upper layer can also be decorative cellular fabric and the lower layer light filtering cellular fabric. Or play different colors that match your space tone. The day and night honeycomb shade is used through a loop cord on each side to control the position of the middle rail and the bottom rail. To control the different proportions of color, light filtering, ventilation and shading of the two layers. Expansion and closure of the honeycomb shade can be freely controlled, it can also be fully pulled up when you need to open the window.


Specifications of loop cord day and night honeycomb shade

day and night honeycomb shade


  • TDBU honeycomb shade

Privacy and lighting are two things always fighting, like enemies cannot coexist. If you just want to maintain privacy without sacrificing lighting, then a “up and down” freely controlled honeycomb shades is the best solution. Adjust the shaded part at any time, privacy, lighting, views, ventilation, and energy saving can be satisfied at one time.

Honeycomb shades were originally designed for the temperate zone with a large temperature difference. And now it has become more and more popular in major metropolitan areas. One of the main reasons is the unique design that can open from top and down both ways, which can enjoy the great window view, good lighting, adjusting the amount of light and protecting privacy. Giving you a full sense of security.

The control method of the TDBU loop cord honeycomb shade is the same as the day and night type. The position of the middle rail and the lower rail is controlled by the loop cord on both sides of the honeycomb shade. To control the proportion and position of the shade. The shade can be pulled up completely if needed.


Specification of loop cord TDBU honeycomb shade


  • Standard honeycomb shade

The standard honeycomb shade doesn’t have additional functions and maintains a natural and simple attitude to life. lift the shade to connect with the outside world, put down the shade to immediately have your own quality time. Compatible with the loop cord operating system. According to the needs of the window, you can choose to install on the right or left hand side.

Specification of loop cord standard honeycomb shade

operating system


Parts of loop cord operating system



Bead Chain Operating System

The standard bead chain operating system is the most popular manual operating system. The operation is exactly the same as the loop cord operating system. The bead chain will not change the length by lifting the honeycomb shade, and maintains a fixed length. Bonito Deco’s bead chain operating system has the first layer of honeycomb fabric wrapping the headrail, only a small exposing area. That makes the honeycomb shade look even better. 

If you are worried about the safety of the bead chain, you can install a bead chain holder on the wall. Ensure that the bead chain cannot be caught and played with by kids or pets.


Specification of bead chain honeycomb shade

compatible with standard honeycomb shades.

operating system

Parts of bead chain operating system


Cord Lock Operating System 

The control cord of the honeycomb shade will lengthen or shorten depending on the shading part of honeycomb shade. If you are a supporter of traditional operation, we provide a traditional rope control system to use with a safety device.


Specification of Cord Lock Honeycomb Shade

Compatible with standard honeycomb shades

operating system

Parts of Loop Cord Honeycomb Shade

Use your excellent vision, unleash your creativity to create your own unique taste of life. Let us worry about those tedious and trivial things! Bonito Deco provides a variety of honeycomb shade operating systems and different honeycomb shade fabrics from the generals in the market. Work with you to build a unique space based on your comfort.


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