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Facing home renovation or new home decoration, a variety of window treatment, how would you choose?

Window treatments (Curtain or Drape) can simply be divided into horizontal and vertical types. Let’s check the differences.


⊗Vertical curtains



window treatment

There are many color and material options, easy to match the space design, high durability and good for shading and sun blocking, often used in living rooms and bedrooms.


Cloth curtains are the most space-consuming curtains and troublesome to clean. Washing and drying are quite difficult for only one person, especially heavy weight after absorbing water. Over time, you might be just too lazy to clean. The accumulated dust becomes an allergen at home.


In fact, there are also many kinds of vertical window treatment. The most common ones are (French) Pinch Pleat and Tempo Wave(S shape curtain) . 


  • Pinch Pleat is folded by many groups of three creases. After folding, it appears neat, three-dimensional and shows the beautiful drapery. 
  • Tempo Wave is made from putting the cloth in front and back in an S shape, showing its three-dimensional and drapery. Reduce the fold distance, increase the amount of cloth usage and achieve the effect of strengthening creases. The overall look is more elegant. Following the difference of curves, Tempo Wave can divide big and small ones.

Horizontal curtains


Roller shades (blinds)

The shape of the roller shade is simple which is suitable for the Nordic, industrial or Japanese style.

window treatment


    1. Small and light, if your space is not big, it is a good choice.
    2. The material of the roller shade is mainly waterproof polymer. The price is affordable. It can transmit light. It is stain resistant, easy to clean and tidy, often used in kitchen, bathrooms and other spaces with high moisture and dirt resistance demands.


    1. Not suitable on a big window, The control hardware of roller shade usually has a load limit. It will gradually become uncontrolled and be damaged if overloaded.
    2. The roller shade is thin, so it is easy to be sucked in the gap of the window by the wind when you open the window to let the air flow. The bottom rail hitting the window edge is also quite noisy.
    3. Usual roller shades can easily be wiped clean but light-filtering sheer roller shades or roller shades with cutting out or jacquard patterns are difficult to clean. These tiny gaps easily accumulate dust and get moldy if wet.



Zebra blinds (dimming blinds) (Sheer Shades)

Zebra blinds are made from equal size and interval of fabric and sheer with a roller blind system. Just like light fences and through the light fences adjust the incoming  light.

window treatment



    1. The light can be soft or shaded by adjusting fabric and sheer orders. The ability to adjust light is excellent.
    2. The structure is flat, not easy to accumulate dust and dust mites, a relatively easy-to-maintain curtain type.


    1. The common horizontal curtains problem: not suitable for the space people are often in and out.
    2. Zebra blinds cannot completely shield the light and the air flow ability is slightly weak which limits the scope of uses, usually installed in the study and bedroom need lighting.


Honeycomb window blind (cellular window blind (shade))

Shop honeycomb window treatments:

Honeycomb blind are horizontal curtains, also known as cellular blind which are one kind of green building materials.


window treatment


    1. The light filtering honeycomb blind can filter the direct sunlight, make the light softer and adjust the incoming brightness.
    2. Blackout fabric can block 90% of incoming light, suitable for people who are sensitive to light.
    3. The special hollow structure of the honeycomb blind helps heat insulation and constant temperature. The thermal insulation rate increases 70%, the heat insulation increases 56.5% and the annual electricity saving increases 21.2%.
    4. It has diversified control systems, the TDBU (top down bottom up) system, which can keep both privacy and the scenery outside the window. The dual system can switch between blackout or light filtering according to needs.


    1. Like the roller blind and sheer blind, honeycomb blind is not so good for ventilating. (except TDBU honeycomb blind).
    2. When opening the window for ventilation, the bottom rail blows by wind and hits the wall can be noisy. Sticking an anti-collision object (such as foam tape ) can solve this problem.


There are many kinds of window treatments on the market. Different kind have different abalities for light control. How to choose will depents on your requirements of natural light and privacy.  The basic thing you might also consider your budget and the style. And don’t forget to choose the one easy to clean (we don’t want the dusty room! )and whether is environmental friendly or not? Reduce carbon emission is urgent, if you can choose, which window treatment  is the best choice? leave a message to let us know.



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