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Breezy hanging room divider for animal lovers

Melt your heart – specialized interior space unit for animal lovers.


Do you have any warm and lovely cat or dog babies? ♥

Sometimes you don’t know whether to laugh or cry from their funny behavior?

Always so many pet accessories you can’t help to buy for them? 


And you have trouble wonder why those items are hard to integrate in your home style. Your home end up look scattered and fail for any specific style. 

The problem is simple. You haven’t found a good unit to represent your core interior style.


breezy hanging room divider      breezy hanging room divider       breezy hanging room divider



Our Bonito Deco Breezy hanging room divider combines pixels (Lego) style patterns and 3D honeycomb blind fabric. It is useful for dividing space (hang to use!) and building up your home style. Fun, high color saturation and eye-catching. Melts your heart, a best unit for you and your furry babies.



We have a limited giveaway campaign just now. By ordering Breezy hanging room divider, there is a value of US$55 fabric antibacterial solution spray(50ml) for you as a gift, only 50 pieces, don’t miss it! Bonito Deco cares about you and your family.♥

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