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Most people like to wake up comfortably in the sunlight. The warm heat makes our whole day motivated. However, when it gets too hot, people tend to close the curtains to lower the inside temperature. Reduce the damage of infrared rays and ultraviolet rays which are the main functions of curtains. Of course some people like to use insulation film.


So how to choose curtains and insulation film?

In addition to subjective preferences such as color and pattern, the most important thing should be the level of privacy protection.


Psychologist Su Xiaobo said: “As long as the personality is not mature, people will be keen to pry into the privacy of others. As long as there are people whose desires are deeply suppressed, there will be people who try their best to expose the privacy of others. Just to vent one’s desires. As long as there are defects in humanity, prying into privacy will never end.”


privacy protectionHuman beings are born with curiosity and like to snoop on privacy. It is the human nature. We tend to prevent others from snooping as well. The permission restrictions of social media and the privacy screen protector of cellphones.


As the eyes of a building, windows allow us to see the scenery outside the window, also allow us to be observed by others. Especially when there are large floor-to-ceiling windows in the house, then curtains and heat insulation stickers are particularly important. Heat Insulation and privacy protection are also their important functions.


Many people don’t consider the difference between day and night while choosing curtains. During the day, the outdoor light is bright, even light-filtering curtains have a good shielding effect. However, the indoor light is relatively bright at night, people can see the silhouette of the curtain from outside. At this point, lower opacity curtains can prevent privacy exposure better.


Our Bonito Deco day and night honeycomb blinds, allow you to enjoy natural light during the day and feel secure at night. Furthermore, matching with our electric control, letting you switch on and off with your fingers between day and night.


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