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What is the most suitable and recommended window treatment according to different space uses? Last time we talked about the 5 key points of choosing a curtain. This time we can follow the traces and talk more precisely to create a clearer concept of ideal home appearance. Make your window treatment selection for different rooms a lot easier!

  • Window Treatment Recommendation for Living Room

The living room is often a gathering place for family and friends. It is the most commonly used leisure space. People intend to like it to be airy and keep bright lighting. If you also want to maintain privacy at the same time, you will need living room window treatments that cover the window and keep out prying eyes. If that’s your aim, it can be useful to combine shades or blinds with drapes. If you choose such a combination, you do not need to choose fabrics with higher opacity to maintain privacy, you can have a more diverse selection of curtains. 


In addition, it’ll create depth and dimension, and add more interest visually. For a classic look that is light, bright and airy, pairing cotton or linen curtains with honeycomb shades or wood blinds. Layer two styles of window treatments, keeping it simple in terms of color, pattern and texture to prevent the windows from looking too busy and distracting from everything else in the room.
  • Window Treatment Recommendation for Bedroom

Bedroom is a space for people to rest and relax. The biggest function is to let people sleep well at night without being disturbed. If you want to have an unrestrained and safe sleep, we must first consider the choice of window treatment. Privacy and shading effect of the window treatment.

If there is a large window or floor-to-ceiling window in the bedroom, you can choose to layer up curtains with cloth and sheer fabrics to have a sense of grandeur. And the higher shading rate can make the room feel safer and more comfortable. 


If the bedroom window is not so big, or the aisle side window, the French Pleat curtains that take up too much space are not so suitable. It would be more appropriate to use roller blinds or blackout woven cellular curtains, which not only achieve privacy and the needs of room darkening, also make the space neat and elegant.

  • Window Treatment Recommendation for Study Room

The study room is a space for concentrating and thinking. It does not have high requirements for privacy. Therefore, it is good to choose a light-colored window treatment that can soften the light, still brighten the space and keep the transparency. 


The color selection can be based on our preferences. Light blue curtains can make people calm. Green curtains are fresh and natural and can relieve stress. Dark red curtains are warmer compared with other colors and make people feel more awake, suitable for winter use.
For the window treatment in the study room, try to avoid choosing too thick materials. Thick materials give people a relatively depressing feeling, which is less likely to have a positive impact on work or study. Staying in a relatively relaxed study environment makes people have a better sprite. Our mood can affect our energy, reduce unnecessary obstructions and change the study window decoration to a style with a quiet and elegant atmosphere!


Many people choose to decorate with wood in the study room, so the first choice window treatment would be wood blinds. Other study room styles can be matched with roller blinds, light-filtering cellular shades or zebra shades.
  • Window Treatment Recommendation for Kitchen or Bathroom

Window decorations greatly affect the atmosphere of a space. But it is not suitable to install curtains in some places. Such as windows right above radiators, bathtubs or kitchen sinks. Or when the decoration needs are low and you do not want to distract the visual focus of the space, then you can consider window blinds. They are popular in functional spaces like bathrooms and laundry rooms. Window blinds are also an affordable choice, ideal for the budget control.
  • Window Treatment Recommendation for Children’s Room

All the novice parents want their children to grow up safely and happily. Window treatments are an element that needs to be carefully considered in the decoration of children’s rooms. The energetic kids are always curious and like to climb up and down to explore the world. A dangling curtain drawstring can easily draw their attention and play with it. Therefore, in addition to health and sleep comfort, safety is the first consideration for window treatment in children’s rooms!
When choosing window treatment, avoid the styles with drawstrings to avoid accidents twining the neck. Cordless cellular shades have no external drawstrings, you can move the covering part with your bare hands. The design is simple and does not take up much space. They are mainly made from polyester. The flat shade surface and the vertical up and down operation mode can reduce dust mites attachment. If your room already has a window treatment with a drawstring, you can install a cord cleat on the wall. When you are not using the window treatment, straighten the drawstring or bead chain and fix it on the wall. Preventing them to be grabbed or played with by children.


Vertical curtains have a variety of colors and patterns. The soft cotton fabric is not easy to be torn by children. It is recommended to choose the fabric with better dustproof effect to avoid allergies and respiratory problems. And based on safety considerations, the hand-pull curtain can prevent children from playing with the control ropes. Such as the eyelet curtains or pencil pleat curtains, their control and the amount of light in can be adjusted directly by hand. Both are great for children’s rooms.

Window treatments for most common spaces at home, hope this article will help you in terms of your home decoration mission. Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think:)

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