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New Year starts, how long has it been since your curtains were cleaned? Curtains are a great furnishing to protect privacy and adjust light in the space. What should we pay attention to, when it comes to washing or caring curtains? Different curtains have different cleaning methods. Here listed cleaning methods of some common curtains:


Cleaning method of cloth curtains such as S-fold curtain


There are a variety of styles in cloth curtains, often used in the living room or master bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows. If you want to properly clean a cloth curtain, the fabric needs to be disassembled and taken off. Different fabric surfaces require different cleaning methods to maintain the condition.


Flannel curtains are easy to get dusty. To Prevent the dust stuck on the curtain from flying all over the sky. It is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner to remove the surface dust from top to bottom before disassembly. Use a neutral detergent diluting with warm water, make the curtain fully soaked for 15-20 minutes, and then rub with your hands to wash away dirt. Avoid using a washing machine or dehydrator to wring vigorously. Gently press out the water with your hands and then dry it naturally. Cotton and linen curtains can direct wash in the washing machine. Before drying, they can be flattened by hand before drying to reduce wrinkles. And if the fabric will shrink, it must be sent to dry cleaning.


Bonito Deco cellular shades

Cleaning method of cellular shades


Cellular shade is a Top Eco-Friendly Sustainable Window Treatment. Cellular shades can be made by non-woven fabrics or more durable woven fabrics. The hollow hexagonal structure can create a physical barrier and effectively insulate heat and maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Cellular shades are suitable for offices or commercial spaces.


The cleaning and maintenance method is very simple. Use the vacuum cleaner with the brush to clean away the dust on the surface with the weakest suction. You can also use the dust paper. If you encounter stains, use a sponge dipped in diluted neutral detergent and brush carefully, and then dry with a cloth after the stains are removed.




Cleaning method of Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are a representative design element in cottage style. Most of the venetian blinds are painted with waterproof coating or made of waterproof materials. They are durable and have a low key look, suitable for functional spaces such as bathrooms or laundry rooms.


Whether it is wooden blind or aluminum blind, the quickest way to clean them is to close it all, wipe it directly with a damp cloth or spray it with clean water, and then dry with cloth. As for the cord, use a bristle brush or soak and rub with a basin to clean the dust, and then let it dry naturally.



Cleaning methods for roller blinds, zebra blinds and sheer blinds


Roller blinds are the most space-saving window treatments. Most of them are made of polyester. Not easy to get dust and dust mites is the benefit of this kind of material. It is especially suitable for people with allergies. In recent years, sheer and cloth mixed, lighting adjustable zebra blinds have been developed, which are very suitable for study or living rooms. To clean them, you can use a duster to remove the surface dust. For obvious stains, use diluted neutral detergent, wipe clean with a damp cloth, and dry naturally.



Be aware of the above-mentioned curtain cleaning principles. Regular cleaning and maintenance once a week can reduce the discoloration, blackening and stains. In addition to reducing dust mites and flying dust everywhere is better for our health. Keep the curtains clean and bright, also can make your home more comfortable.


Curtains are the furniture that is most often exposed to the outdoors and often exposed to sunlight. If they have been used for many years. Replacing the old ones with new ones in a timely manner can also refresh the atmosphere of your home.



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